The Public Information Office, which is one of the oldest and most established institutions of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, is one of the closest witnesses of the Turkish Cypriot Press History.

The Cyprus Turkish Public Information Centre was established in 1964 and performed a service as a window opening to the external world of the Turkish Cypriots, has developed itself in the course of time and became an office after the 1974 Peace Operation to provide a flow of information.

PIO, which plays a central role in strengthening our press, follows the reflection of the developments in our country in the world press and also contributes to policy-making process. On the other hand, it continues its works for the effective promotion of the TRNC.

The Public Information Department follows the world press, keeps a pulse of the TRNC agenda and translates news related to our country. Developments in the agenda of the world and the Turkish Cypriot media are transmitted to the relevant authorities of the state accurately and quickly. In addition, the various bulletins regarding the Cyprus issue and the latest developments in the agenda are prepared and sent daily to media members, mission chiefs and organizations via the internet and shared effectively in social media.

In the meantime the Public Information Office operates many activities simultaneously for easing the works of journalists such as the accreditation process, accompanying journalists and establishing and managing the press centres.

PIO which closely follows the latest developments in communication technologies also serves on web and mobile based applications and social media areas in the light of new methods and approaches.