Akıncı: Resumption of negotiations possible “if Greek Cypriot side corrects their mistake”

President Mustafa Akıncı has said that if steps are taken and the Greek Cypriot side corrects their mistake of voting to mark Enosis, it will be possible to restart the negotiations, but that this will not be possible if they ‘prefer to make things more difficult”. Akıncı also stressed that if the Enosis decision is addressed and the negotiations restart,  some steps must be taken to re-establish confidence between the two sides.

Replying the questions of TAK Agency, Akıncı said that the Turkish Cypriot leaders and negotiating team are tired of expressing themselves at the negotiation table. He added that the UN should take more active role to restart the negotiations, but in an objective and impartial manner.

Furthermore, stressing that the concept of a minority-majority relationship is not possible in a federal solution, Akıncı underlined that the TRNC wants political equality, adding that this is a sine qua non in any federation.