Another important value for Turkish Cypriots is handicraft. Extant motifs, colours and figures which belonged to previous centuries are also used on the objects produced today in accordance with the original. These objects which had different functions in daily life in the past, are now being used for decorative purposes.

Wood engraving, hand-made furniture and boxes, Sesta (straw tray-wicker tray) and knitting works, traditional hand-woven fabrics, silkworm cocoon crafts, traditional costume and embroideries are produced by using traditional techniques. The Folk Arts Institute (http://www.hasder.org/indexen.htm), which is an important organization for handicraft production, has been established with the funding of USAID and UNDP through UNOPS. The institute is a non-profit organization which belongs to the Folk Arts Foundation (HASDER). The aim of the institute is not only to produce, display and sell handicrafts using colours, patterns and motifs authentic to Cyprus, but also to give courses in this field to revive this part of the Cyprus culture.

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