Inhuman treatment by Greek Cypriot police officer

According to an article in the Greek Cypriot newspaper Politis titled “Inhuman treatment against Turkish  citizen aged 60”, KİSA (Equality, Support, and Antiracism Movement), a Greek Cypriot organisation, has condemned an incident of serious mistreatment of a Turkish citizen aged 60 by a Greek Cypriot police officer.

According to a statement issued by KİSA, the 60 -year -old Turkish citizen crossed the border gate from the Ledra Palace check point on his bicycle, without realising that he was liable to be stopped and checked. A police team vehicle then ordered him to return to the checkpoint. Following instructions, the 60-year-old Turkish citizen returned to the check point whereupon a policeman began to beat him without reason or provocation. The complainant lost his balance and fell off his bike, after which the policeman started to kick him.