Lakadamyalı: “Regardless of whether a solution is achieved or not, the unjust and inhuman embargoes imposed on the TRNC must be lifted.”

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Islamic Centre for Development of Trade (ICDT) Regional Training Conference, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mustafa Lakadamyalı stated that the embargoes which have been imposed on Turkish Cypriots over the last 50 years must be lifted immediately, adding that the isolations have created inequality and imbalance between both sides on the island. The event, which was organized in cooperation with the TRNC Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the ICDT, is being held in Girne this week.

During his speech, Lakadamyalı remarked that the Turkish Cypriot side’s efforts to find a solution to the ongoing Cyprus issue had not been reciprocated by the Greek Cypriot side and that this must be acknowledged by the international community. The Under-Secretary also described the TRNC’s decision to strengthen regional business ties with friendly countries within the OIC as an opportunity to develop new strategies for greater cooperation in trade, export and other areas.

Lakadamyalı also stressed that the isolation imposed on the TRNC has negatively affected everyday living for Turkish Cypriots in areas apart from export and trade. Nonetheless, the Undersecretary stated that an end to the unjust embargoes would encourage the Greek Cypriot side to consider Turkish Cypriots as equal partners in the negotiating process, providing fresh impetus for both sides to pursue a sustainable and stable solution for the island.

Head of the Study and Training Department of the ICDT Mamoudou Sall also gave a speech during the opening ceremony. Speaking on behalf of the ICDT Director General, Sall stated that the main objective of the workshop was to maximise human resources in order to contribute to the development of trade and investment strategies among the member states.