Presidential Spokesman: “Anastasiades is trying to reverse the facts”

Presidential Spokesperson Barış Burcu has criticised the Greek Cypriot leader’s depiction of the Cyprus negotiations, describing Anastasiades’s statements as a “distortion of reality” for domestic political gain.

In a written statement issued to the Turkish media, Spokesperson Burcu emphasized that the Greek Cypriot leader was responsible for moving away from a settlement for the sake of winning elections, and for putting all responsibility for the breakdown in talks on the Turkish and Turkish Cypriot side.

He continued, “Mr. Anastasiades was the one who tried to slow down the negotiation process, stepped back from agreements, requested unnecessary and meaningless intervals in the negotiations saying “I am not ready”, who tried to hinder the Cyprus Conferences by putting forward what he knew would be unacceptable preconditions in Geneva and Crans Montana and for sabotaging the conference with his maximalist stance.”

“These are real and living facts that have been witnessed by all of those attending the conference, including the UN and the EU. Therefore, there cannot and should not be the smallest accusation against either the Turkish Cypriot side or Turkey. Mr. Anastasiades, who moved away from the solution for the sake of winning elections and tried to put the blame on the Turkish side, is trying to reverse the facts and distort reality.”