Prime Minister Özgürgün: “Archbishop Hrisostomos II continues disrespect towards Turkish Cypriots”

Prime Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün has stated the Greek Cypriot Orthodox Church has been the architect and financer of hostile words and action against Turkish Cypriots in Cyprus over the course of history and that the current Archbishop Hrisostomos II has continued his usual disrespect towards Turkish Cypriots.

In his statement, Prime Minister Özgürgün said that Archbishop Hrisostomos, who recently attended an event for Greek Cypriot youths, continued to direct insulting discourse and attitudes towards Turkish Cypriots, and exceeded the limits of respect.

The Prime Minister said, “It should be known that the words of Archbishop Hrisostomos II regarding the termination of Turkey’s guarantee, breaking ties between Turkey and the TRNC, and his proposal of a two-state solution within the scope of Europe, on the condition of that all northern refugees return, is no more than storytelling to these students. It is shameless and discourteous towards the Turkish Cypriot people, who are always honoured and proud of being a member of the Turkish Nation, to refer them as the ‘Greek-origin Orthodox Christians who became Muslim under economic pressures.”