Resistance martyrs to be remembered at 53rd Anniversary ceremony for the Erenköy Resistance

The 53rd Anniversary of the Erenköy Resistance will be marked today with a ceremony to remember the resistance martyrs.

Over the course of the Erenköy resistance in 1964, which has a special place in the struggle of Turkish Cypriot people, around 530 Turkish Cypriot university students studying in Turkey and the UK travelled to Erenköy by boats, and struggled against Greek Cypriot attacks.

On 5th August 1964, local Turkish Cypriots of the Erenköy region and the 530 university students struggled against the attacks of 15000 fully armed Greek Cypriots, despite insurmountable hurdles.

The Erenköy Resistance came to a head with the intervention of warplanes from Turkey on 8th August 1964.