1st of August Communal Resistance Day celebrated
Date Added: 02 August 2023, 11:44

1st August “Communal Resistance Day”, which marks the 47th anniversary of the establishment of the Cyprus Turkish Security Forces Command (GKK), the 65th anniversary of the establishment of Turkish Cypriot Resistance Organization (TMT) and the 452nd anniversary of the conquest of Cyprus by the Ottomans, was celebrated with various events and activities.

President Ersin Tatar issued a message on the occasion of 1st of August Communal Resistance Day.

In his message, Tatar stated “The sovereignty and legitimate rights of the Turkish Cypriots, who have known these lands as their homeland for 453 years cannot be a subject of discussion. Today, our greatest responsibility to our people who live freely and in security in their own state and to new generations is to carry our state to a much higher level with all its institutions and organisations”.