History and Mission

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Public Information Office was established to announce the voice of the Turkish Cypriots to the whole world. The Greek Cypriots occupied all government bodies of the Republic of Cyprus in 1963. In this context, they occupied the communication elements of the Republic of Cyprus based on partnership such as Radio, Television, News Agency and Public Information Office, so announcing the voice of the Turkish Cypriots within the country and in the presence of world public opinion was prevented.

Deputy President of the Republic of Cyprus Dr. Fazıl Küçük brought up the necessity of establishing Public Information Centre in order to announce the events taking place in the island as well as meeting the information needs of the Turkish Cypriot people. Therefore, Necati Sağer who was the TRNC representative to the UK at that time was returned to the island and the Turkish Cypriot Public Information Centre was established in 1964 at the prefabricated building of the Presidency, under the supervision of Deputy Presidency and General Committee.

The Turkish Cypriot Public Information Centre, which conducted their works with huge difficulties and lack of personnel, compiled daily news and information at the printing house of HALKIN SESİ newspaper and issued a bulletin to announce the voice of the Turkish Cypriots to the whole world, foreign press in Lefkoşa, the UN officials through the Turkish Embassy in Lefkoşa.  A “Special News Bulletin” which was published and distributed in English was being sent to the foreign missions.

The Akritas Plan which was created by the Greeks in order to destroy the Turkish Cypriots in the island, was translated into Turkish and English by the Public Information Centre and the information was supplied to the whole world.

The Cyprus Turkish Public Information Centre which performed a service as a window opening to the external world of the Turkish Cypriots, has developed itself in the course of time and became an office after the 1974 Peace Operation to provide a flow of information.

The main purpose of the Public Information Office is to announce the voice of the Turkish Cypriots within and outside the country, to fulfill information, publicity and enlightenment services, to take measures for facilitating the works of the local and foreign press organizationsand members and also to carry out these works freely and democratically by the members of the press.

The main duties of the Public Information Office:

  • Carrying out press and publication works of the TRNC
  • Observing and evaluating the internal and external press and taking the necessary precautions for the benefit of the government
  • Carrying out publicity, enlightenment and information services in the direction of the official policy of the state
  • Dealing with the Turkish Cypriots living abroad and providing publications and activities aimed at maintaining their interest and support to Cyprus
  • Making contacts with the foreign press members who visit our country for various purposes and preparing programs to be applied during their stay in Cyprus and accompanying them

The Public Information Office is continuing its historical half century mission within the body of the TRNC Ministry of Foreign Affairs.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]