The main duties of the Public Information Office:

1-Carrying out press and publication works of the TRNC

2-Observing and evaluating the internal and external press and taking the necessary precautions for the benefit of the government

3-Preparing magazines, press bulletins, books, brochures, and posters in Turkish and foreign languages and carrying out publicity, enlightenment, and information services in the direction of the official policy of the state

4-Dealing with the Turkish Cypriots living abroad and providing publications and activities aimed at maintaining their interest and support to  North Cyprus

5-Participating in international organizations in various fields to develop relations with foreign countries in the field of press

6-Establishing and administrating press centers.

7-Making contacts with the foreign press members who visit our country for various purposes and preparing programs to be applied during their stay in North Cyprus and accompanying them

8-Making permanent accreditation of foreign press members settled in the TRNC, intervening in their proceedings for residence extension and customs, and helping them for getting appointments and filming by making coordination with necessary associations.

9-Analyzing and making evaluations regarding media and providing arrangements of reports.