Ambassadors emphasize re-starting of negotiations
Date Added: 09 January 2015, 14:34

The Greek Cypriot daily Fileleftheros wrote that the Ambassadors of USA, France and England to South Cyprus expressed in their statements their concerns about the tension and referred to the negotiations. The newspaper wrote that in his statement, the US Ambassador to South Cyprus John Koenig has focused on the restart of negotiations as soon as possible. According to the newspaper, Koenig called both sides to avoid from actions and expressions which will increase the tension and said “Time is not on a positive result”. He called the intervening parties of the international factor to accelerate their efforts on re-starting of the negotiations and to support the studies of the UN Secretary General’s Special Adviser to Cyprus Espen Barth Eide.
Jean-Luc Florent, French Ambassador to South Cyprus, stated that his country expressed his strong support to the negotiation procedure and pointed out that a solution, which will respect EU principles and rules and the parameters compromised within the framework of UN, can be found with negotiations only.