Anastasiadis threatened Koenig
Date Added: 09 March 2015, 14:51

Apathy between USA Ambassador in South Cyprus John Koenig and the leader of Greek Cypriot Administration Anastasiadis is said to go long way back.

The news of Kathimerini newspaper, which is published in South Cyprus, under the headline “Unknown incident between Anastasiadis and Ambassador of USA” draw attention to the fact that Greek side found some of Koenig’s behaviors hostile but the most striking thing was when the Vice President of USA Joe Biden was getting ready for a visit to South Cyprus about a year ago.

The following details were given by the newspaper:

Ambassador Koenig has showed indifference to Nicosia’s sensitivity to a series of subjects. For a moment Anastasiadis turned to Koenig in front of others and threatened with declaring him the ‘persona non grata’ (Unwanted person).

Anastasiadis has threatened Koenig by telling him “If you insist on your plans, I will live Cyprus and Biden will only meet with Eroğlu. And you will be the only one to be blamed”.