Committee on Missing Persons organizes a press conference
Date Added: 19 December 2014, 08:19

Members of the Committee on Missing Persons has organized a press conference in the Solidarity House located in buffer zone .
Committee of Missing Persons noted that this year has been the most successful year regarding the number of missing persons identified. This year 157 missing listed as missing persons in consequence of 1963-64 and 1974 events in Cyprus were identified.
Members of the Committee emphasized that work should be accelerated because those who have information about the possible burial sites of missing persons are passing away one by one and also the possibility of making construction on the burial sites increase day by day, however, additional budget is needed for this purpose.
UN member of the Committee Paul-Henri Arnialso pointed out that although the year 2014 has been the most successful year in terms of identification of the remains of missing persons found in the burial sites , number of the missing persons found this year has remained very limited with only 65 for the second time.