Other Social Activities

North Cyprus offers many entertainment opportunities for people who want to spend both active and quiet holidays.

The island life is very dynamic in terms of social activities. The underwater wealth is the centre of attention for local and foreign divers. The clean coast of the Mediterranean has rich underwater flora and fish species. Scuba diving clubs provide diving facilities, either scuba diving or tubeless diving. Various water sport facilities are available. All coasts have available areas for camping. North Cyprus beaches are suitable for many activities such as swimming, sunbathing, sailing, windsurfing, parachuting and water-skiing. In addition to water sports, one of the most important sport activities for young people is karting. There are golf courses in Lefke and Esentepe, ten-pin bowling halls, indoor or outdoor sport halls, miniature fields and swimming pools which provide opportunities to those who want to do sport.

When you want to be alone with nature, you can go on hiking or walking expeditions and also there is an increasing interest in cycling and you will also have the opportunity to observe more than four hundred species of migratory birds which visit our country.

Brand new movies are shown in cinema salons which are equipped with modern audio and video technology. There is more than one salon in most of the cinemas.