Eide met with Denktaş
Date Added: 08 July 2015, 13:58

UNSG’s Special Advisor Espen Barth Eide yesterday called on the DP-UG headquarters where he met with party leader Serdar Denktaş. Speaking to the press ahead of the meeting, Eide said that they had entered an interesting stage in the talks and said they had started to discuss all issues in a connected way. Noting that there was still a lot of issues on the table and they were still at the beginning of the process, Eide said he had been optimistic for some time but he was more optimistic in the past weeks following the recent meetings. Eide said that a solution reached had to be supported by both communities on all sides and it was with this in mind that he believed it is part of his duties to receive the views from all political spectrums. DP-UG leader Serdar Denktaş for his part said they were not fully informed on the process and they had passed this on to President Akıncı. He said all the political parties should be informed of any developments. On the process, Denktas said they were worried whether the process would be crowned with a settlement agreement; he said they want to support the process more however they first needed to learn about the developments.