Lefkosa Turkish Municipality hosts New Year Reception for Foreign Mission Representatives
Date Added: 24 December 2014, 14:57

According to the information given by Lefkoşa Turkish Municipality, Mayor Harmancı hosted a New Year reception for foreign missions in Cyprus and representatives of international institutions. In his speech at the reception, Harmancı said that Lefkoşa Turkish Municapility was founded in 1958 before 1960 Cyprus Republic and because of this Lefkoşa Turkish Municipality is the only local administration in the North Cyprus which is recognised in international arena. Harmancı also stressed that the first step of bi-communal projects was carried out by Lefkoşa Turkish Municipality. Expressing that bi-communal projects make great contributions to the solution process in Cyprus, Harmancı said that the most important example for bi-communal projects is Haspolat Waste Water Treatment Facility. Harmancı also stated that while developing infrastructure and environmental projects, North and South Lefkoşa should be considered as one.