Martyrs Families condemn the European Parliament
Date Added: 24 February 2015, 13:43

Association of Martyrs Families and War Veterans condemned the European Parliament for blaming the Turkish Cypriot side claiming that remains of Greek Cypriot missing persons were moved from their  bury places in Paşaköy.

Stating that European Parliament’s resolution means making policy over missing persons, Association of Martyrs Families and War Veterans called the European Parliament to cancel it’s decision in order to preserve their objectivity in such a humanistic issue.

In his written statement, President of the Association Ertan Ersan stated that it is a clear proof that the EP’s decision is unilateral and the Turkish Cypriot missing persons are not examined under equal basis with Greek Cypriot missing persons in the EU.

Ersan reminded that on 14 August 1974, 84 Turkish Cypriot men were taken from Taşkent, Terazi and Tatlısu villages and were boarded on the two busses and killed by Greek Cypriots The area of their bodies were changed because of the road works and taken to a mine, even the bones of these martyrs were broken by a  bulldozer. In 2011 it was stated to the press by the Greek Cypriots who witnessed to this event and have information about the event.

Furthermore, Ersan stated that the same issue was also mentioned in the press statement of UN representative at the Committee on Missing Persons, Paul Henri Arni, on 18 February.