Media Accreditation Form

Public Information Office is authorized for permitting media members to carry out all kind of video recording and photo shooting in the TRNC.

For this purpose, the applicants are required to fill out the accreditation form below. Forms should be sent to the Public Information Office at least 7 workdays before planned shooting date.

However, a list of the devices (sound system, camera and other equipment, etc.) accompanying media members should be sent to the Public Information Office before arriving in the TRNC. Thus, it will avoid any problems while entering the TRNC.

Taking photos, video and audio recording at check points, inside of state buildings like archives, libraries, museums, schools and archeological research and excavation sites needs special permit. If you want to work at the mentioned sites, please specify it at the accreditation form.

Taking photos, video and audio recording is strictly forbidden in military zones.

Media Accreditation Form

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Drone Registration Form


Online Media Accreditation Form


- Registration to the authorized institution is required in order to film with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Drone). If you wish to use a drone for filming, please fill out the attached form (Drone registration form)
- Please also specify below the locations and dates you would like to film with a drone.

Please submit this form to the Public Information Office at least 7 working days before the scheduled filming date.