Minia Cyprus Museum was opened in Tatlısu
Date Added: 23 July 2015, 16:33

Tatlısu Municipality opened the “Minia Cyprus Museum” to the public with a ceremony. 15 historical artifacts that belong to Cyprus will be displayed on the Minia Cyprus Museum from now on. Mayor of Tatlısu Municipality Hayri Orçan said that this project has been realized for the first time as a result of serious efforts. Orçan emphasized that the miniatures of the historical artifacts will be displayed in the courtyard of a millennial church which belongs to the Byzantine period. He also stated that 10-12 miniatures of the historical artifacts will be added to the museum aswell.

In Minia Cyprus Museum, visitors will be able to see the miniatures of Gönendere Mosque, Sınırüstü Mosque, Salamis Amphitheatre, Hala Sultan Mosque, Büyük Han, Venetian Column,  Selimiye Mosque, Apostolos Andreas Monastery, St. Barnabas Monastery,  Arab Ahmet Mosque, Kyrenia Gate, Kyrenia Castle, Derviş Paşa Mansion, Tatlısu Hourup Storage and Tatlısu Waterwheel.