Oktay: “The way to a settlement can only be paved through the registration of the inherent rights of the Turkish Cypriot people” 
Date Added: 10 November 2022, 13:27

Vice President of Republic of Türkiye Fuat Oktay stated that Türkiye strongly supported the TRNC’s solution vision based on sovereign equality and the registration of equal international status from the beginning and noted that the way to the solution can only be opened through the registration of the acquired rights of the Turkish Cypriot people by the UN Security Council.


In his speech at the collective opening and launch ceremony, Vice President Oktay pointed out that Cyprus is a part of the Turkish world with its past and future, and noted that they strongly support the TRNC’s participation as an observer member in the Organization of Turkic States.


Stating that TRNC President Ersin Tatar presented new, realistic and practical cooperation proposals to the Greek Cypriot side through the UN on issues that benefit both the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot people, but the Greek Cypriot side did not respond to these proposals, Oktay said that despite the deadlock, the President of Türkiye Recep Tayip Erdoğan made a historic call at the UN General Assembly and called on the international community to recognize the TRNC.