Panagia Melandrina Church was restorated
Date Added: 26 February 2015, 15:59

Restoration of “Panagia Melandrina Church” situated in Bahçeli was completed. The representatives of the Cultural Heritage Technical Committee, the European Commission and United Nations Development Programme visited the church and examined the works of the project. 137 thousand Euros was spent on the maintenance and repair works of the project which has launched in April, 2013. Co-chairman of the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage Ali Tuncay expressed their belief on the restoration of buildings that is related with the cooperation and constitution of human affairs and added that this is a connection to the past and such a door that opens to the future.

Stating that for the prior projects of Technical Committee, 6.7 million Euros has been funded by the European Commission since 2012, the coordinator of the EU Commission’s Aid Programme Alessandra Viezzer recorded that new projects will be funded. Stating that one of the reasons of the EU’s support to the projects is to build bridges among societies, Alessandra Viezzer highlighted that it is important in terms of demonstrate that if there is a will there is a way.