Photo Gallery

Turkish Cypriot Administration Assembly meeting on 12 August 1974
Hamitköy Refugee tents (27 November 1964)
People who work at a workshop for producing wicker chair (1966)
Hamitköy Refugee tents (27 November 1964)
Immigration (21 February 1964)
Mağusa port (9 November 1983)
Immigration (21 February 1964)
23rd April Children’s Day organized at Yusuf Kaptan Sports Field (1965)
Daily life in Lefkoşa (1965)
Ercan Airport (25 February 1980)
Children play at Lefkoşa streets (1965)
Dr. Fazıl Küçük, Sir Cyril Pickar and General Prem Sing Gyani’s visit to Dağyolu (Fota) village (10 June 1964)
The Secretary of State for External Affairs of Canada, the Honourable Paul Martin visits Dr. Fazıl Küçük (4 May 1965)