President Tatar speaks on BBN Türk: “The riches in the Eastern Mediterranean are the commonwealth”
Date Added: 18 January 2022, 13:52

President Ersin Tatar joined a program “Ceviz Kabuğu” on BBN Türk and made statements about the agenda and answered the questions (16/01/2022).

Stating that they will not allow the Greek Cypriot side to turn the wealth in the Eastern Mediterranean in their favor alone, Tatar said, “All these are a commonwealth. We have to protect our rights forever. If these riches can be shared fairly, both the TRNC and the Republic of Turkey will provide a great economic benefit”.

President Tatar also expressed that transferring the wealth of the Eastern Mediterranean to the European market via Turkey is the most correct and logical way.

Pointing out that there are two separate people in Cyprus, Tatar said that it is not possible to live together or unite from now on, and he also drew attention to the importance of maintaining the Turkish-Greek balance.

Adding that the Enosis mentality of the Greek Cypriot side continues and they dream of making Cyprus a Hellenic Island and that their understanding of reconciliation means the withdrawal of Turkey’s troops from the island, Tatar said “We will never come to such a game.”

Upon a question, Tatar touched on the relations with other Turkic Republics, especially Azerbaijan, and said that there are many lecturers and students from the Turkic republics, especially from Azerbaijan in the TRNC universities and that there is a mutual rapprochement between the Azerbaijani people and the Turkish Cypriot people.

Tatar stated that if other countries act as bravely as the Republic of Turkey on Cyprus, they will have nothing to lose.

As an answer to another question, Tatar touched upon the relations with the UK after Brexit and stated that he thinks that the UK will provide some facilities to the Turkish Cypriots.