Siber: “Mutual relations between parliaments contribute to friendship and peace”
Date Added: 03 May 2016, 13:20

Speaker of the Assembly Sibel Siber received Azeri Independent Deputy Ganira Pashayeva who is having contacts in the TRNC. Siber expressed that mutual relations between Azerbaijan and TRNC will contribute to a solution despite the intervention of some countries.

Siber also stressed that mutual relations between the parliaments of the two countries are very important in terms of Turkish Cypriots’ expressing themselves.

Furthermore, in her speech, Azeri Independent Deputy Ganira Pashayeva said that mutual relations have great importance for developing the relations between the two countries, adding that they are struggling for the Turkish Cypriots in the European Council and in the other foreign representations as well. Pashayeva also added that she will make efforts for establishment of friendship groups in both parliaments. Mentioning the issue of embargoes, Pashayeva said that Turkish Cypriots showed their will for a solution, adding that continuation of embargoes is not fair.