Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the irregular migration
Date Added: 02 November 2021, 15:26

“As it is known, irregular migration is becoming increasingly complex as communication and transportation have globalized and the repercussions of the poverty, economic and/or political instability in some countries have global effects. The problems resulted by this phenomenon, namely “irregular migration”, are beyond the means of a single country to overcome. Therefore, the prevention of irregular migration requires the international community to exert joint effort with the sense of responsibility and solidarity.

At the crossroad of three continents, the Island of Cyprus is not immune to irregular migration. Both the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus receive irregular immigration from various countries. Contrary to the Greek Cypriot side, our country is devoid of international assistance and struggling with irregular migration only with the support of Motherland Turkey. As stated above, we believe that the issue of irregular migration should be addressed within the spirit of cooperation. Our State announces, on every occasion, that it favors cooperation with the Greek Cypriot side in matters concerning our Island. It is worth reminding that our offer to establish a cooperation with the Greek Cypriot side on irregular migration remains to be on the table. We would like to take this opportunity to renew, once again, our proposal for cooperation on “irregular migration”, posing significant challenge to all of us”.