Tatar received Lillie
Date Added: 27 July 2022, 12:54

TRNC President Ersin Tatar received the British High Commissioner to Cyprus Stephen Lillie who completed his term in Office.

According to the information given by TRNC Presidency, President Tatar conveyed Lillie the Turkish Cypriot side’s opinion and stressed that due to the Greek Cypriots’ reluctance to share power and wealth with the Turkish Cypriots, only a two-state agreement on the basis of sovereign equality could be realistic and practical.

Tatar thanked British High Commissioner Lillie for his efforts during his term in Office and stated that  the United Kingdom can treat the Turkish Cypriot people more fairly on the issue of isolations following their exit from the European Union.

President Tatar also stated that there could be formulas for the Turkish Cypriot people to sell their products directly on the island.