The Communicable Diseases High Committee decisions are announced
Date Added: 13 September 2021, 12:06

The Communicable Diseases High Committee announced the new decisions.

According to the new decisions taken by the Communicable Diseases High Committee of the Ministry of Health, people who will enter our country by air-sea routes from outside the island and using land border gates, taking into account the country entry criteria (negative PCR test result for the last 72 hours before the trip) are required to complete the passenger form at and get the QR code before the trip.

Those who cannot do this process will be able to enter with the necessary documents until 27 September, 2021. People who will enter the country by receiving a QR code will be able to benefit from the rapid transit opportunity.

The documents with Adapass code from TRNC citizens, Healthpass from Turkish citizens, Greenpass from EU citizens and NHS QR code from UK citizens will be required and checked during the entry to the country. Citizens of other countries are required to add their valid vaccination cards and/or PCR test results to the section specified in the application and to bring the attached documents with them as they will be checked upon entry to the country. The Adapass inquiry will be mandatory for those aged 18 and over.