The short film “Teslimat” became a finalist in Bangladesh, Turkey, and Spain
Date Added: 28 February 2022, 13:47

The Turkish-Cypriot short film “Teslimat” (Delivery) became a finalist in three international film festivals organised in Turkey, Bangladesh, and Spain.

Teslimat which was directed by Doğuş Özokutan, shot by the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU), and post-production by the Department of Culture, made its world premiere and the number of international festivals included in the official selection since November 2020 has reached 55 and also the number of countries where it will be shown has increased to 14.

“Teslimat” which has so far won 7 international awards from Italy, Spain, and Puerto Rico and produced by Vasvi Çiftcioğlu, tells the story of a driver who risks the life of a group of refugees to pay for his daughter’s surgery.