“Those who ignore are responsible for the experienced unpleasantness”
Date Added: 14 September 2015, 15:00

The head of ‘Muratağa Atlılar Sandallar Martyrs Memorial Association’ Ahmet Aşır said that those who ignore the martyrs’ families were responsible for the unpleasantness that was experienced at the martyrdom on Wednesday, 9 September 2015, not the martyrs’ families.

Stating that they want a fair and viable agreement more than anyone else does, in order to prevent others to live through the same pains again, Aşır noted that an agreement could not be reached at the martyrdom.

Indicating that the Greek Cypriot families had visited the martyrdom before and they guided and hosted them, Aşır said: “We showed hospitality to the Greek Cypriots who visited the martyrdom so far and we did not say anything bad.”

In his statement Ahmet Aşır pointed out that the victims from Muratağa, Atlılar and Sandallar were all children and women and said: “Our 126 martyrs have been lying together in Muratağa and Atlılar Martyrdom for 41 years and their relatives have lived in pain with their memories for 41 years.”