Apostolidis: “No limitation can be made in Eastern Mediterranean in the absence of Turkey”
Date Added: 05 January 2015, 12:02

Honorary Ambassador and former President of Greece’s National Intelligence Organization Pavlos Apostolidis, who represents Greece at the exploratory talks between Turkey and Greece said that no limitation can be made in the Eastern Mediterranean in the absence of Turkey.
In an interview to Kathimerini newspaper published in Athens,  Apostolidis addressed the issue of the determination  of  Exclusive Economic Zones in the Eastern Mediterranean and  indicated  that Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu is right on  some of his analysis concerning this  issue.
Stating that Davutoğlu’s statements made in Athens a short time ago have reasonable aspects, Apostolidis added “It is true that Turkey is also a player in the Eastern Mediterranean. For this reason, no limitation can be made in the maritime areas in the absence of Turkey. Mr. Davutoğlu is right in this respect. If we try to make a limitation in an area where Turkey and Egypt have claims and if we do not take into consideration interests of Turkey, then this will be unacceptable for Turkey with all sorts of factual and legal consequences.”
Apostolidis pointed out that Erdoğan shows that he is for improving the bilateral relations between Turkey and Greece and solving problems.