Broad expansion starts as of today (1st June)
Date Added: 01 June 2020, 13:52

Within the framework of the normalisation process for Coronavirus, broad expansion starts today. Starting from today, night curfew will be lifted but obligation for wearing masks will continue.

Hotels, casinos, betting offices and tattoo parlours, cultural and art activities, cinemas, exhibitions and libraries, individual sports branches and kindergartens will start to resume activities. Vehicles which carry personnel will start working. A statement will be made about mass transportation during the week. Those who have been abroad and their residence is the TRNC will be able to arrive in the TRNC starting from today (1st June). Citizens who arrive in the TRNC will stay under quarantine and quarantine cost will be met by the state.

It is likely that charter flights will be organised from the United Kingdom to the TRNC on 5 June, 11 June and 17 June 2020.

Those who are not TRNC citizens but who have a working permit, residence permit etc. will be able to arrive in the TRNC starting from 8 June. They will also stay under quarantine during 14 days but the quarantine costs will be met by themselves.

It will be possible to bring the corpse of TRNC citizens who lost their lives abroad due to Coronavirus, or any other reason, back to the country to bury them.