The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is an island with a rich heritage of festivals – where children, youth, dance, art and specialties of individual towns are being celebrated and promoted.

Traditional festivals are held every year in local areas of Northern Cyprus, and are particularly popular in the summer season. Traditional forms of entertainment such as fun fairs continue to be a part of festivals today. Traditional food and products are also sold at the festivals, and are often identified according to their local region. Traditional Turkish Cypriot foods, hand-made souvenirs, and handicrafts are also sold during these festivals. Entertainment programmes are varied and range from concerts, fashion shows and beauty contests, to games and fun fairs.

Below are some important festivals in the TRNC:

  • Girne Olive Festival (October)
  • Güzelyurt Orange Festival (June- July)
  • Büyükkonuk Eco Days (May and October)
  • International Bellapais Music Festival (May-June)
  • International Mağusa Culture-Art Festival(June- July)
  • Cyprus Theatre Festival (September)
  • Girne Culture and Art Days
  • Lefke Date Palm Festival

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