Denktaş: “Turkish Cypriots will never be a minority.”

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Serdar Denktaş has stated that Turkish Cypriots will never be a minority, adding that the world is gradually beginning to acknowledge and accept this reality.

In his statement on social media, Denktaş criticized a form that had been distributed at schools in South Cyprus which categorizes Turkish Cypriots as an ethnic minority. Denktaş reminded Turkish Cypriots of their right to self-determination and self-government on the island.

“There has been one word which I have emphasised from the beginning and that is sovereignty. Our people’s sovereign rights on this island,” he said.

Denktaş pointed out that by placing Turkish Cypriots in a minority category,  the Greek Cypriot government have given clear evidence of their true perception of Turkish Cypriots.

“Recently, there have been two important news items,” he continued. “The first was a statement made by Mr. Anastasiades who has stated that a minority cannot rule over a majority. The second was an article published by the former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw in the Independent, a UK newspaper. Straw argues that the only solution to the Cyprus Problem is partitioning the island and giving international recognition to Turkish Cypriots. I feel a deep pride when I look at these stories because they show that we have not bowed down to those who view us as a minority. We have defended our right to exist and our sovereignty,” he added.