Erhürman: “Online permit system for students has been put into force”

Prime Minister Tufan Erhürman stated that within the framework of the project executed by the Ministry of Interior Affairs with the support of the Ministry of National Education and Culture, Ministry of Health and Police General Directorate, the student permit system is now online.

Prime Minister Erhürman said that thanks to the online system which has been put  into force, due to the obligation for registering the students having higher education in the TRNC, the students will be recorded, and it will also be more convenient for the students. Erhürman also said that the students will be able to make transactions by using the website of the Ministry of Interior Affairs.

Erhürman made a written statement for the student follow up system. In his written statement, Erhürman pointed out that within the framework of this program, the students will be able to make all transactions regarding their health controls and health insurance with the number given to them.