Government’s measures for Coronavirus
Date Added: 11 March 2020, 12:57

The Council of Ministers convened for an emergency meeting after the first case of Coronavirus was confirmed in the TRNC.

Following the meeting, the Prime Minister Ersin Tatar and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay announced the measures taken by the government.

Prime Minister Tatar stated that the necessary steps have been taken in the direction of the statements of the experts for Coronavirus which threatens the whole world.

The extra measures announced are as follows:

  1. All public and private schools will remain closed until Sunday, March 15. During this time, all school buildings and school buses will be disinfected.
  2. Children’s festivals, children and youth camps and all school shows and competitions have been prohibited until March 15.
  3. Collective crossings by buses, excluding 10 persons from the Greek Cypriot side with the aim of a touristic trip, ceremonial and similar events have been stopped until March 15.
  4. Quarantine continues at the hotels where the tourists diagnosed with Coronavirus are staying. Quarantine will be removed step by step according to the situation.
  5. Special teams from the Ministry of Health and Civil Defence have started to disinfect all customs checkpoints.
  6. Gazimağusa Municipality have started to disinfect all touristic and archaeological sites within Gazimağusa province borders.
  7. All charter flights to the TRNC have been stopped until April 1.