Greek Cypriot mistreatment from the Greek Cypriot Police

It was stated that Greek Cypriot citizens who were passing through to the North were mistreated and bullied by the Greek Cypriot policemen who work at the border gates of TRNC-South Cyprus and they still continued to do so despite complaints.

According to the Greek Cypriot daily Alithia, the Greek Cypriot policemen at the crossing points continued to intimidate the Greek Cypriot people with their attitude to prevent the Greek Cypriots from crossing to the TRNC despite repeated complaints.

In the news, it has been pointed out that the Greek Cypriot Police General Directorate could not find a way to prevent the policemen from behaving in this way of aggressively applying their ideological policies at a sensitive point. The news also stressed that these people are against free and uninterrupted passage of people through the border points due to their political and ideological stances.”