Nobel is having negotiations to give some of its shares to Delek
Date Added: 04 June 2015, 14:51

It’s reported that Delek Company who wants to increase her share at the 12th parcel within the so-called “Exclusive Economic Zone” of South Cyprus is holding negotiations with the Nobel Energy who has bigger shares at the same bed.

Greek Politis newspaper wrote that Nobel Energy is continuing efforts to sell a portion of its shares at 12th parcel which is 70 %, for having liquidity at the steps to be taken in evaluating Aphrodite’s bed and for reducing the huge economic weight caused by the infrastructure.

Newspaper wrote that Delek Group, who bought 30 percent of Nobel’s shares, announced that they have begun negotiations with the company in order to get 19.9 percent of Nobel’s shares. Newspaper also pointed out that in the case of success at the negotiations Delek will have 49.9 percent of Nobel’s shares