Özersay: “Greek Cypriot leadership’s Coronavirus reason is not acceptable”
Date Added: 02 March 2020, 13:47

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay stated that Greek Cypriot leadership’s decision taken unilaterally on the issue of checkpoints by using the reason of Coronavirus and their action on the issue is not acceptable.

In his statement, Özersay said that Greek Cypriot Administration’s application on the issue caused a great deal of chaos for both the Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots. The step taken with the reason of Coronavirus is not acceptable. Crossings are continuing and their step shows that there is another reason behind this decision. Özersay stressed that if the Greek Cypriot side is concerned about the decision of Turkey on the refugee issue, there is no refugee flow in the TRNC so the Greek Cypriot side has to review their decision as soon as possible.

Adding that it seems that the Greek Cypriot side is also disturbed by the crossings of the Greek Cypriots to the TRNC and doing too much shopping, Özersay expressed that there are some citizens who were affected economically in a negative way in just one day (on 28 February). “Especially shopkeepers in the Güzelyurt region, and petrol stations communicated with us and expressed they are feeling uncomfortable regarding the issue. This issue is very important in terms of increasing economic activities, relations and dialogue between the two sides. The Greek Cypriot side should review their decision not later than one week. Their approach is not sensible.  The whole of our citizens should be able to cross to both sides and do trade around the island. This will help with stability and peace in Cyprus. I hope both the Greek Cypriot side and international actors will form a positive conclusion from this negative situation. We conveyed our views to the UN and authorities of other countries and made the necessary initiatives. The Greek Cypriot side should not continue this nonsense approach in the foreseeable future”.  Özersay stated.