Reaction against Eide from Greek Cypriot government
Date Added: 09 April 2015, 15:06

Greek Cypriot government has reacted against the statements of UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor to Cyprus Espen Barth Eide made to Greek Cypriot News Agency (KIPE).

According to the Greek Cypriot news resources, Spokesperson of Greek Cypriot government Nikos Christodulidis stated that the statements of Eide made to KIPE yesterday as ‘Some countries do not consider a country’s seismic research in another country’s Exclusive Economic Zone as a violation of the UN charter’ is a reason for disappointment.

Christodulidis qualified Eide’s comments concerning the Cyprus problem in general and his statements regarding the legal dimension of the so-called ‘Republic of Cyprus’ as “unfortunate” and “unacceptable”.