Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) Ministry of Health announced revised Covid-19 measures regarding the decisions taken by the Contagious Diseases High Committee through the authority granted by section 45/2018 of the Infectious Diseases Act on 4th February 2021. The Ministry of Health revised the decisions on 5th February 2021, in line with requests in order to prevent the spread of the virus and enable people to fulfil their urgent needs.

The measures are as follows;

1-It has been decided to extend the curfew until February 15, 2021, 05:00 am, for the whole day apart from the exceptions. In order to carry out inspections more effectively, permits for going out must include the individual’s residency and work address.

2-The services that will remain open during the lockdown;

– Supermarkets, pharmacies, pharmaceutical warehouses, medical suppliers, medical mask and disinfectant producers,  bakeries, butchers, petrol stations,  flour producers, bottled water and beverage producers, dairy products producers, gas producers and distributors, private security companies, internet service providers, establishments providing import and export services, suppliers, institutions dealing with farming and livestock breeding veterinaries, feed and barley sellers, farmers, vegetable and fruit wholesalers, private clinics, private laboratories, private hospitals, private media institutions, dormitories of private universities, GSM and communication service operators, citrus pickers and packaging teams.

– Bakeries will remain open and continue to produce except Sundays.

– Professional fishermen will be able to carry out their service.

– In line with the suggestions of Turkish Cypriot Pharmacists’ Association all pharmacies located in populated district centres of Lefkoşa, Girne and Gazimağusa will be operating in two groups on a rotation basis between 8am and 3:30pm. Pharmacies other than those located in the three district centres will remain open during their normal working hours. On-duty pharmacies which will remain open after 3:30 pm will be determined by the Turkish Cypriot Pharmacists’ Association.

Pharmaceutical depots will be open between 11am and 3pm.

– Petrol stations, greengrocers, butchers/fishmongers and supermarkets will be open between 9am and 5pm. All restaurants, cafes and children’s playgrounds located within supermarkets will be closed.

– Suppliers will be able to deliver supplies to markets, butchers and supermarkets after 5pm until 8am the following morning.

  • It has been deemed appropriate to serve with a minimum number of personnel in the cafeterias of open universities. However, the cafes on university campuses will be closed.

Security, cleaning and administrative tasks, which are essential in private dormitories, will be carried out with a minimum of personnel.

Institutions that are open:

Ministry of Health and its personnel, Ministry of Finance and its personnel, police, fire brigade, municipality, civil defence, district security boards, Customs, Central Prison, BRTK, TAK, TÜK, KIBTEK, Personnel to be assigned for emergency services in the Milk Institution, the indispensable departments of public universities, ministries, departments and institutions affiliated with the ministries.

In order not to interrupt all services at the Air and Sea Ports, minimum personnel will be employed.

3- Personnel to work in open private sectors will be determined by the employer. The employee lists determined by the employer will be approved by the District Police Boards. Employees are obliged to carry the duty documents approved by the District Police Boards, together with their IDs, that their employer will give them.

4- It has been decided to stop all entry and exit between the districts. Police officers, healthcare workers, elderly care centres, yellow press card holders and / or press employees, fire-fighters and civil aviation services will continue to work. Those who receive permission from district security boards to go to the businesses that are open should go to the closest business to their residence address.

5- People are required to meet their essential needs from businesses closest to their residence. Those who do not comply with this rule will be deemed to have violated the curfew and will be subject to criminal action.

  1. 6. It is obligatory to measure temperature at the entrances, to comply with the social distance rule, to maintain social distance in square meters in workplaces that are open for essential needs, and to apply hygiene and disinfection conditions both inside the workplace and at the entrances and exits, and to take and implement these measures is the employer’s responsibility.

  1. It has been deemed appropriate to stop face-to-face education in all public and private schools and all pre-school, primary and secondary education will be carried out online. All these, including day-care centres and private education centres will cease until 17 February 2021. Considering the prevalence of the epidemic in the society and the curfew, it was decided to stop the services of special needs education institutions. However, kindergartens will be open on demand in order not to interrupt the services in the sectors that will remain open.

  1. It has been deemed appropriate that the work and investments (water tunnel, water purification etc.) carried out by the State Hydraulic Works will continue uninterruptedly.

  1. Patients and their attendants residing in Northern Cyprus and receiving medical treatment in Southern Cyprus will be able to enter the TRNC without quarantine provided that they receive permission from the Ministry of Health. The patient and accompanying persons (if necessary) who will be transferring for health purposes are required to submit negative PCR test results done within the last 3 days upon arrival. In addition, patients and accompanying persons should repeat the PCR tests in the 7th and the 14th day of their returning to the TRNC.

  1. Those who do trade under the Green Line Regulation without physical contact are exempt from the quarantine restriction provided that they receive permission of the District Police Boards.

  1. It has been decided that only ambulances for health purposes can cross the Yeşilırmak Border Gate without quarantine. Other than that, quarantine is required.

  1. Due to the lockdown, individuals living or working in Pile will be subject to the permission of the County Police Boards.

  1. UN, EU, British Bases, Buffer Zone and Peace Forces employees will be able to enter the TRNC without quarantine as long as they submit negative PCR test results done within 72 hours.

  1. Only TRNC citizens and those who have permanent residence in the TRNC and have been in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Denmark and South Africa within last 14 days will be allowed to enter the country provided that they will be subject to central quarantine for 14 days.

15.It has been decided that funerals can be held with the participation of only first-degree relatives.

  1. It has been decided that those who reside in the TRNC and work in the south when entering the north will be subject to quarantine until the next decision. The results of the PCR test made in the last 7 days will be sought in the transition of these people.

  1. It has been decided that those who reside in the south and work in the TRNC will be subject to quarantine when entering the north until the next decision.

  1. Considering the curfew, it has been decided that those who reside in the TRNC and are studying in the south will be required to continue their education online.

  1. Those who reside in Beyarmudu can only make daily crossings to the British Bases without quarantine for the purpose of agriculture and livestock.

  1. District Police Boards will be authorised to give permission in order to meet the essential needs that may arise other than the above.

  1. Conducting PCR tests and Covid-19 vaccination program will continue as determined and announced by the Ministry of Health.

Note: We inform the public that all businesses except pharmacies and bakeries are closed on Sundays in line with the decisions taken by the Contagious Diseases High Committee.