Secretary General Moon’s UNFICYP Report Released
Date Added: 16 January 2015, 14:00

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s report covering the period between 21 June-15 December 2014 regarding the activities of UN Peace Keeping Force in Cyprus was released yesterday.

In the report, the UN Secretary General stressed that removal of the obstacles and restrictions that impede the economic development of the Turkish Cypriot community would positively contribute to a comprehensive solution in the island.

Ban’s report will be discusssed at the UN Security Council meeting to be held at the end of this month.

Ban stressed that it should be quaranteed that both communities would benefit from mainly the natural resources and other wealth to be explored around the island. He added that ,the natural resources to be explored around the island are common wealth of both communities and they create an incentive in reaching to a comprehensive settlement. Ban added that natural resources also constitute an encouragement for strong cooperation among the involved parties in the region.

In his report, mentioning the sanctions imposed on the Turkish Cypriots, the UN Secretary General stressed “ Lifting of restrictions and barriers that impede the economic development of the Turkish Cypriot community will promote trust. Such a development will help to address the isolation concerns of the Turkish Cypriots, as well as their inability to participate meaningfully in an interconnected world, thereby preparing Cyprus for a comprehensive solution.”

Furthermore, the report underlines that the status quo in the island is not sustainable especially when all the factors are taken into consideration, and makes a call to all the sides to create an atmosphere in the island for the resumption of result oriented negotiations based on the Joint Declaration signed by both leaders in Cyprus on 11 February 2014 .