Siber: “One day we shall be part of international community with our own identity”
Date Added: 26 December 2014, 12:00

Recording that close history of Turkish Cypriot People is full of agony and struggle, Speaker of the Assembly Sibel Siber said: “We lost many people for this cause, and lived through agonies and migrations. You can better understand the meaning of war, how painful it is, by asking the children, wife, brother and close relatives of a father who had been missing during a war.”

Speaking at a ceremony organized within the framework of 21-25 December National Struggle and Martyrs Week, Sibel Siber stressed that such days are for solidarity, commemoration of the past and raising hopes. Siber “Not giving a people the right to live democratically in their own land with their own identity in this modern era, preferring war to compromise… We lived through this. Our struggle was this. We do not want to live war and the past agonies again. We aim at moving towards better days and we believe in this.”

Recording that Turkish Cypriots are self confident and peaceful people, Speaker of the Assembly Siber said: “One day we shall be part of the international community with our own identity. Our struggle through this direction will be crowned. Therefore we say ‘solution’ and ‘peace’.”