Tatar: “It should be known by everyone that the Greek Cypriots have preconditions that will destroy the Turkish Cypriot people for an agreement”  
Date Added: 18 November 2019, 13:15

Prime Minister Ersin Tatar made a written statement evaluating the latest developments in Cyprus.

Stating that prior to the tripartite meeting in Berlin to be held on November 25th, Greek Cypriot students were sent to the borders by the Greek Cypriot Administration and urged to show hostility, chanting slogans against the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and also the burning of the TRNC flag by members of the ELAM party, which is a member of parliament in the Greek Cypriot House of Representatives, could not be described and simplified as ‘the activities of a group’, Tatar said that all these incidents  are a result of the understanding of a significant majority of the Greek Cypriot side.

Tatar also added that no one should burn the TRNC flag. Our government will continue to analyse this issue. Therefore, it is not right to create an expectation that something will come out of the Berlin meeting and still not telling the truth to the Turkish Cypriot people.