The greatest supporter of the Greek thesis in USA is accused of corruption
Date Added: 06 April 2015, 13:41

Many corruption charges are being prepared by the U.S. Department of Justice about Senator Robert Menendez who is the greatest supporter of the Greek – Greek Cypriot lobby in the USA Senate. It’s reported that Menendez who is also known by his support to Greek Cypriot- Greek thesis in USA is facing charges at a time when the negotiations will start and this is not good for the South Cyprus.

Kathimerini newspaper which is being published in South Cyprus recorded under the title “Cyprus’s most powerful supporter in the United States is under investigation” that the investigation began about senator Menendez related to corruption and bribery and this will possibly restrict Menendez’s effectiveness in the USA and might disable his support for the Greek thesis.

It’s specified in the news that despite the fact Menendez didn’t accept the accusation, he was withdrawn from being the chairman of The Senate’s Foreign Affairs Committee, and also expressed that this situation might also affect Menendez’s support for the Greek-Greek Cypriot policies.