Töre: “It is a shame for UEFA, FIFA and the world”
Date Added: 09 February 2024, 14:25

The Speaker of the TRNC Assembly Zorlu Töre said “FIFA; UEFA, the Greek Cypriot Football Association and the world should be ashamed that Turkish Cypriot youth cannot participate in international sports events”.

According to the written statement by the Assembly, Töre reacted against the statement by the Greek Cypriot Football Association President Yorgos Kumas saying “We can never allow the status of football in Cyprus to change and the Turkish Cypriot youth to open up to the world”.

Pointing out that Turkish Cypriot football was subjected to embargoes before UEFA and FIFA as a result of the pressure of the Greek Cypriot side, Töre added that the inability of young people to connect with the world saddened them.

Reminding that Turkish Cypriot football teams were members of the Cyprus Football Federation until 1955, Zorlu Töre stated that the Turkish Cypriot Football Association was established after the reactions of the terrorist EOKA group members.

Speaker Töre stated that UEFA and FIFA support the Greek Cypriot side, which still maintains the mentality of the Middle Ages.

Töre noted that there is no justice in the world and in the European Union and that they have experienced this with embargoes.