TRNC Presidency: “Hoyle has caused disappointment”
Date Added: 17 February 2022, 12:08

The Presidency has criticized the rejection of an invitation extended by TRNC officials to the British Speaker of the House of Commons Sir Lindsay Hoyle who only held contacts in South Cyprus.

In the written statement issued by the Presidency, it was stated “Whilst the United Kingdom, particularly as a guarantor country, is obliged to treat equally the two sides which have inherent rights in Cyprus, ignoring the equal rights of the Turkish Cypriot side is not acceptable.  Refusing acknowledge the equal voice and inherent sovereign equality of the two sides, rather than helping to enhance cooperation, security and stability that is needed on the island of Cyprus and the region, only serves to perpetuate the status quo which is unsustainable”.

It was also stated that if the United Kingdom is sincere in its statements in favour of a fair, realistic and sustainable settlement in Cyprus, it should adopt an approach that observes the principle of absolute equality of the two sides in its dialogue and contacts.