Turkey’s Eastern Mediterranean reaction to EU
Date Added: 13 November 2019, 12:07

Turkey reacted to the decisions taken at the European Union (EU) Foreign Affairs Council on Turkey’s exploration and drilling activities in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry yesterday made a written statement and stated :

“We have repeatedly and strongly emphasised that in the Eastern Mediterranean, we will not cease to protect our rights stemming from international law and the rights and interests of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), despite all of the unintelligible steps of the European Union.

The decisions taken at the European Union Foreign Affairs Council meeting clearly demonstrate that Turkey’s messages following Council meetings of July 15 and October 14, 2019, have completely fallen on deaf ears.

From 2004 up to today, Turkey and TRNC have exerted benevolent efforts to turn the hydrocarbon resources in the Eastern Mediterranean into an element of stability rather than of tension, as the side having taken all of the constructive and positive initiatives.

The Greek Cypriot Administration (GCA) and the EU – as misused by GCA’s maximalist position, can neither perceive the facts, nor take decisions in accordance with international law and the principle of equity in this process.

We have consistently stated since 2004 that we will not allow the unilateral usurping of our rights. The EU’s unrequited and incomprehensible support to a null and void administration disregarding international law, as well as falling hostage to an important opportunity for cooperation in the Easter Mediterranean, should indeed serve as a case in point.

We will continue to encourage the implementation of fundamental principles of international law as well as cooperation in the region towards lasting stability and welfare of all the peoples in the Eastern Mediterranean. It is evident that the EU, having lost its credibility a long time ago to stand as an impartial actor that could contribute to a solution in Cyprus, will never be able to take a constructive and helpful attitude in the Eastern Mediterranean.

As a matter of fact, it could not be more ironic for the EU to make reference to the principle of good neighbourliness after the launch of our off-shore activities as it has become deaf to our repeated calls since 2004 for respect for sovereignty and legitimate rights of both Turkey and TRNC.

It is a vain expectation for those who think that Turkey will bow to threats and back down on its rights in the Eastern Mediterranean. No one should doubt that we will continue our exploration and drilling activities in the Eastern Mediterranean”.