“visitNCY” the digital image of the TRNC

TRNC Tourism and Environment Minister Fikri Ataoğlu held a press conference about the promotional program prepared  to promote “visitNCY” which is the digital image of the TRNC.

Expressing that the promotion campaign consists of two stages, national and global, Ataoğlu noted that as of 1st March promotions will continue on a daily basis from 5 different platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube “visitNCY” pages and the “visitncy.com” website.

The names of the participants that will take place in the national stage are as follows:

“Alp Galip, Altuğ Galip, Emine Uluçay, Ayşe Hacıarif, Aygün Kencer, Ömer Akama, Çağlar Davutoğlu, Evren Kerem, Kenan Hürdeniz, Batu Özsusuzlu, Gizem Devaşan, Hazel Oraç, Mustafa Garabli, Sedef Garabli and Ali Yılmaz”