First Martyr Deputy Cengiz Ratip commemorated with a ceremony held in the TRNC Assembly
Date Added: 15 February 2022, 13:57

The first Martyr Member of the Turkish Community Assembly Cengiz Ratip was commemorated on the 58th anniversary of his death with a ceremony held at the Martyr Cengiz Ratip Library at the TRNC Assembly.

The commemoration ceremony was attended by the Temporary Speaker of the TRNC Assembly, Ünal Üstel, Prime Minister Faiz Sucuoğlu, Ratip’s son-in-law, Minister of Health Ali Pilli, some deputies, and his family.

Ratip who was born in Karaağaç in 1931 and elected as a member of the Turkish Community Assembly in 1961 was killed in an ambush by Greek Cypriots in Poli on the 14th of February 1964. He was shot dead together with teacher Turgut Sıtkı, another hero of the struggle for existence, in the Poli bazaar. The remains of Ratip and Turgut have not yet been found.